Training Activities

The Training program of RADOX is consisting Research Training and Transferable Skills Training.

The Research Training is structured at different Ievels - research under supervision, secondments and scientific workshops. The scientific workshops will be held one time a year and will have an intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary character. During the first meeting, Iead scientists of this ITN consortium did explain the individual programs to all ITN fellows so that each fellow is now fully informed about all the RADOX projects and all used methodologies. The second meeting will be focused on mitochondria-dependent ROS-generation. During the 3rd year, the workshop will be held with focus on NOX-dependent ROS generation. The 4th scientific workshop will focus on NOS-dependent ROS-generation. At the end of the RADOX period, the closing conference “oxidative stress in the health and vasculature” will take place in Berlin. Furthermore, the organizers will attempt to have special sessions on ROS generation in the cardiovascular field at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology or at the bi-annual Gordon-conference on Superoxide.

The fellows are obligated to travel and to visit other laboratories within and outside the RADOX consortium to build a network, to learn new techniques and to improve their knowledge in background of ROS associated cardiovascular complications and their methodological skills.

Besides these main scientific trainings, there will be a plethora of other scientific educational trainings. All partners do have an excellent track-record in education and will provide access for all ITN fellows to their PhD- and postdoctoral programs such as summer schools and specific focused research Sessions. Fellows will be motivated to attend international scientific meetings and to present their projects as talks and posters.


The second parts of RADOX training program are Transferable Skills Trainings, which are organized as 5 courses. These extensive trainings in transferable skills for all ITN fellows will be held at top-level academic institutions and multinational pharmaceutical companies and aim to transfer state-of-the- art knowledge by scientific seniors, both from academia and industry.

The transferable skill trainings offer courses ranging from general management, over communication skills to intellectual property rights and bioethics.

The ITN transferable skill training is open to an international audience allowing exchange outside the ITN consortium. This open access guarantees and accelerates creative scientific exchange. 

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