Research methodology and approach

The RADOX-ITN consortium combines a strong group of established investigators in the oxidative stress field, spanning molecular, cellular, integrative animal, through to clinical translational expertise. This consortium will use novel non-commercial available ROS-inhibitors such as AVE 3085, GKT136901, MitoSNO and MitoQ, create new transgenic mice (e.g. NOX5 KO’s), use specific animal models (e.g volume-overload mice model) and use state-of-the-art technologies such as high throughput screening, mass spectrometry, proteomics lab, sequencing unit, electron spin resonance, FACS-sorter and 3.0 Tesla MRI for animal studies. All lead scientists will take care that each ITN fellow can benefit of the total collaborative network for research and training purposes. The private partners will participate in the secondments, in the training part and as second supervisor of the ITN fellows. All ITN partners can benefit from the added value of the private partners.  


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