Private Partners

Bayer Healthcare (Wuppertal, DE) will provide RADOX several non-commercial available sGC stimulators and activators for scientific use and contribute to scientific workshops and transferable skill trainings. 

Sanofi-Aventis (Frankfurt, Germany) has identified a number of specific eNOS modulating compounds which can by an unknown mechanism interfere with eNOS uncoupling. They provide and will further provide these compounds for pre-clinical cardiovascular investigation in this ITN proposal, share knowledge and information, perform joint profiling analysis. 

Cardio 3 Biosciences (Mont St-Guibert, B) will provide specific non-commercial available GF cocktail mixtures. 

Digna Biotech (Pamplona, E) will offer know-how and advice in translational development, evaluating the viability and commercial potential of the results, and will assist with the development of tests to determine new markers of NOX activation. 

GenKyo Tex (Geneva, CH) has a crucial role in WP 3 by providing novel non-commercial available specific NOX inhibitors. 

BioMed-Booster (Maastricht, NL) is WP leader of the transferable skills training 6.5 and will provide IP advice to all partners. 


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