Governing Board


Vera Regitz-Zagrosek (Charité)

Stefan Janssens (U Leuven)

Rhian Touyz (U Glasgow)


Main tasks of the Governing Board:

· Communication towards the European Commission with regards to all necessary aspects

· Execution of the advices from the Scientific Advisory Board and Supervisory Board regarding progress and quality of resp. research projects and trainings

· Linking the Ethical Board with the partners and follow-up of all necessary ethical aspect

· Supervision and preparation of costs breakdown for the project

· Supervision and preparation of costs statements by the partners and offering solutions to upcoming problems

· To obtain and disseminate all the administrative requirements that has to be fulfilled by the partners

· Stimulation of scientific collaboration among the different partners

· Supervision of the public relation around the scientific output from this consortium

· Mediation between different negotiating partners and persons when necessary



Scientific Advisory Board


Renee Ventura Clapier

Christoph Maack

Main tasks of the Scientific Advisory Board:

· to audit the work plan and milestones stipulated for the RADOX project, in terms of scientific excellence, academic-private connections, productivity and valorization.


Training (Supervisory) Board


Fabio di Lisa (U Padua)

Thomas Krieg (U Cambridge)

Carola Schubert (Charité Berlin)


Main tasks of the Training (Supervisory) Board:

· to supervise the training aspects of RADOX

· to prepare, evaluate and adjust/update the quality of the scientific workshops and transferable skills trainings

· to monitor the individual skills requirements for the fellows

· to make sure that there is an adequate balance between the scientific, methodological and transferable skills needed for future employment

· to supervise and if necessary to modify the execution of the secondments as stated in the proposal, and will evaluate changes or extensions if necessary

· to monitor and evaluate the milestones and deliverables foreseen



Ethical Board


Uli Schotten (U Maastricht)

Stefan Janssens (U Leuven)

Vera Regitz-Zagrosek (Charité Berlin)

Carola Schubert (Charité Berlin)


Main tasks of the Ethical Board:

 · to monitor ethical issues as they arise and provide advice to the Governing Board, Scientific Advisory Board and Supervisory Board

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